Indigo Pulse

  • Wednesday | 08.06.22
  • 11.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester

Band on the Wall presents a series of free entry gigs and DJ sets on our second stage, located to the rear of our brand new bar. We’ll be shining a light on our favouring emerging artists across all genres with a diverse programme of global sounds from, and inspired by, the music of cultures from around the world.

‘We go where people dance’

In this post-pandemic landscape, live music is rapidly morphing into something more exciting than we have dared to imagine. Indigo Pulse’s music is a glimpse of the future.

Native to Ireland, Indigo Pulse capture the energy and soundscape of electronica as a live three-piece band. House kicks and breakbeats feature heavily in their songs. Everything from gritty bass synth to smooth electric piano is performed by classically-trained composer and pianist Jay Ibony, while drums, electric guitar and vocals are played by brothers Leon and Eugene Stax, whose singing style is shaped by the great soul records of the 20th century. The guitar plays a swiss-army knife role, providing ambience, melodic riffs and spacey chord sequences. From start to finish, the band’s set is designed for dancing. Their debut video release So Beautiful came out on April 29th.