Homelife, Denis Jones & Nancy Elizabeth

  • Thursday | 09.09.10
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12.50 Gene...

A home turf showcase of some Manchester’s finest psyche and nu folk pioneers featuring the intoxicating sounds of Homelife, Denis Jones and Nancy Elizabeth.

Manchester legend Paddy Steer and long-term collaborator Tony Burnside are Homelife, creating music that is both ethereal yet earthy, with heavy use of acoustic timbres, swarms of coloured percussion, bulbous synths and fresh use of languid Hawaiian guitar. 

Denis Jones
Band on the Wall stalwart Denis Jones has developed a show-stopping live performance based around the core of his exceptional and unique guitar-playing style and rich, soulful voice. Using a loop station and all manner of samplers and effects, Denis creates vast, complex orchestrations of beat-box rhythms, multi-layered vocals and other-wordly sounds which veer from subtle heart-wrenching folk and blues to heavy bass-driven electronica.

Nancy Elizabeth
Nancy Elizabeth mixes folk and post-rock influences in her enchanting and dynamic music, featuring piano, guitars, dulcimers, harmonium and other instruments alongside her unique voice.

This concert will begin at 8pm.