The Grandmothers of Invention: Farewell Tour Spring 2018

  • Tuesday | 24.04.18
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • EARLYBIRD £15.50...

The Grand (as in Grandiose) Mothers of Invention have consistently performed the music of Frank Zappa since 1980, with hundreds of concerts on four continents playing (not performing) the music they helped create, rehearse, and refine; picking up Frank Zappa converts along they way. Anything can and still does happen. Without a net, without the same set list night after night, and not trying to replicate a bygone era but definitely playing in the moment, at the moment, every moment. As the band say this is ‘kinda like life’, where well laid plans go awry, things fall apart, circuits blow and instruments blow up, but they keep landing on their feet.

While you can’t trace the Mona Lisa (well you probably can but what would be the point?) in the end you ‘are what you is’ – 24/7, and not just when you walk onto a stage.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, adieu…

BUNK GARDNER (with the Mothers of Invention from 1966-1969)
Tenor sax, Casio DH-100, flute, bar walking, straight man, food critique/commentary and vocals.

DON PRESTON (with the Mothers from 1966-1974)
Piano, keyboard synthesisers, electronic wizardry, gongage, wigs, cycles adjuster, magic hands, Mr. MOTO, and vocals.

ED MANN (with the Mothers of Invention from 1977 – 1988)
Mallet percussion, electronic keyboards, appearances on over 30 of Zappa’s albums, both studio recordings and with Zappa’s band live.

Drums, percussion, EAST LA (isms), invisible Mexican announcer, Art Laboe (isms), marimba, and vocals.

This is a standing show.