Global Grooves: A short course in Pandeiro

  • 07.06.17 - 28.06.17

Global Grooves is proud to announce its third short course in pandeiro. This four-week course gives an introduction to playing the national instrument of Brazil, helping players to develop their set-up and skills to facilitate small ensemble playing; everyone loves a singsong with a pandeiro!

Delivered by the Global Grooves core team (Leon Patel, Eraldo De Sa Marques and Holly Prest) this course will help you to develop pandeiro techniques in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

This course is suitable for complete beginners to intermediate players.

We will focus on key styles including Capoeira, Samba, Coco, Funk and contemporary styles as well as tips for home study and practice. We will also explore how the pandeiro can be used to imitate the sound of the whole bateria in the palm of your hand.

Some instruments can be provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own if they have them.

***Caution – pandeiro playing is highly addictive!***