Global Grooves Cuban Saturdays: The Music of Santeria – Guiro and Bembe

  • Saturday | 16.07.11
  • 10.00am
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £35 per cla...

The fourth and last in this great series of percussion workshops for intermediate to advanced players looking at some of the most important and exciting aspects of Cuban folkloric music. Each workshop is suitable for a group of mixed abilities ranging from players who may have recently started in group percussion, not necessarily Cuban styles, to those who have been playing Cuban music for some time but now wish to deepen and extend that knowledge. Basic parts for all instruments will be taught for each style of music covered in the series. More advanced drummers will also have the opportunity to learn lead-drum and improvising parts for each style and to develop their knowledge of what makes the music swing and move. Songs will also be taught for each style alongside explanations of the relationship between each instrument and the songs. The aim of each session is to build a group that by the end of the day can make the music come alive and leave you feeling inspired to do more

Venue: Picturehouse at Band on the Wall.

Dates: April 16th, May 14th, June 18th and July 16th 2011.

This Class: The Music of Santeria – Guiro and Bembe with Christian Weaver

There are many ways to honour the Orishas of Santería with music. Guiro and Bembé are two of the most popular and widespread in Cuba. Guiro features three or four shekerés as the main instrument, usually with one or two drums, one of which is the leading part responsible for working with the dancer. Bembé is played on three or four drums. The music connects us with strong West African traditions that have been maintained and developed throughout Cuba. Today, tumbadoras (congas) have largely replaced the traditional African drums that were a feature of the original forms while shekerés remain as a vital part of much Cuban music. This workshop will teach the basic technique for playing shekeré as well as drum parts and improvisations for a number of styles of Bembé which involve playing with sticks, hand and stick and just hands. Songs for the orishas will also be taught to complete the music.

Global Grooves courses and masterclasses are presented in partnership with Band on the Wall and BANGDRUM WORKSHOPS. This course is presented in association with LA TIMBALA.