Free Vibes x Amazing Radio: Lyerr + Thin-Skinned + Ellysse Mason + Villanelle & The Northern Wonder + DJ Shell Zenner



Band on the Wall presents a special edition of Free Vibes, curated with Amazing Radio’s new music champion Shell Zenner. We’ve teamed up with Shell to bring you four of the most exciting artists you need to know. Entry is FREE so come on down and discover new music from the likes of Lyerr, Thin-Skinned, Ellysse Mason and Villanelle & The Northern Wonder. DJ Shell Zenner will keep the vibes flowing ‘til late!

Lyerr create a melodic, alternative rock sound with a sprinkling of many inspirations, but their own touch of drama and songs for joining in with.Deceptively subtle, their ambitious crescendos of sound and confident punky vocal swagger give Lyerr the edge that you need to stand out in the North of England right now.

Thin-Skinned are a five-piece Manchester-based ambient shoegaze band gigging songs around the UK about anything from Rupert Murdoch to Oscar Wilde.

Ellysse Mason
Ellysse Mason is a beguiling young artist fast outgrowing her Rochdale roots. Nearly a decade of playing, performing and recording around her hometown has given her a poise and professionalism far beyond her years, talents which are now captivating live audiences all over the country.

Villanelle & The Northern Wonder
Vilanelle & The Northern Wonder are a Manchester outfit who are currently in the studio working on new material.

This is a standing show.