Fleetmac Wood presents Gold Dust Disco

  • Friday | 12.04.19
  • 11.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £10 ADVANCE / £...

Remixes and edits of Fleetwood Mac, crafted for the dance floor with Fleetmac Wood DJ’s Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing
Dress Code: Metallically Magnificent

We call on Ancient Queens and Kings to twirl in decadence. A gilded dancefloor where mortals shine like the stars for one night. Is it real? Or is it shadow and illusion?

They say: Pure gold does not fear the furnace.

Since 2012, Fleetmac Wood have been hosting their tunnel-visioned event and celebrating the extensive back catalogue of Fleetwood Mac. With a curated and created assortment of remixes and edits they’ve shared their passion with like-minded hedonists all over the world.