Dalzell feat. Shez 420 and Ben Mooney + very special guests

  • Saturday | 26.06.10
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £7.50 Gener...


A Soul Purpose Productions label showcase featuring the stunning new Manchester band Dalzell plus rapper Shez420 and singer songwriter Ben Mooney. Come see what all the fuss has been about.

Dalzell are a new Manchester band, mixing an electrifying and eclectic mix of soulful vocals, with passionate and heartfelt guitar based music .

Stylistically, they are part of the next progression of guitar music from Manchester.A natural mixture of classic singer songwriter, with elements of Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd. It`s been a while since a band with anthemic songs came along that you both can sing along with and dance to.

Manchester based rapper Shez420 has just finished recording his revolutionary new album, URBAN HIPPY. The album is a fusion of hiphop beats over hypnotic Manchester guitar music, a new sound in music, born out of love for multiple eras and genres of music, reflected in many people`s diverse musical taste.

2010 is going to be mammoth year for Shez 420 ,with a video scheduled for the first single “Happy Ender” and a series of gigs and festival appearances through the Summer.

Ben Mooney, acousic singer songwriter from Middleton, Manchester. Ben has been working the live circuit recently, building up a well deserved reputation as a very talented and versatile performer. Live,  Ben sings, plays guitar, percussion and uses live looping technology to layer tracks over each other ,building songs in front of you, no backing tapes.Ben`s songs are autobiographical and full of a warmth that eminates from the man himself.

This concert will begin at 8pm.