Choir of Outsiders: Toria Wooff + Caswell-Jones & Kilcawley

  • Saturday | 18.03.23
  • 4.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Free

Choir of Outsiders is a North West based music promoter specialising in contemporary and experimental folk. Come join the chorus.

Toria Wooff

Awash in a haze of burnt orange and golden browns, Toria Wooff’s world is a colourful palette of opposing plains. A painter, poet, songwriter and storyteller, her songs are steeped in gothic romanticism, pagan and Germanic tradition, enchanted by an alchemy of ‘70s sound and vision where she magically blends the raw power of Led Zeppelin with Alice Cooper’s raven hues to forge her own spellbinding folk-rock concoction.

In an age when punk politics’ grey skies can overwhelm, Toria Wooff’s own darkness offers unexpected solace and leaves an equally poignant mark. Fuelled by the thunder of individual spirit and a beating wild heart, her debut EP Badlands shone a light through sorrow’s cracks whilst extending a withered autumnal branch between stormy skies and solstice aligning her with Mother Nature’s tour de force.

Caswell Jones & Kilcawley

Based in the North of England, Caswell & Kilcawley are a duet performing fresh interpretations of classic bluegrass and old-time music. Both established folk musicians in their own right, the two met at Gainsborough Old-Time Festival in 2019 and began performing together regularly across the UK and France in the summer of 2022.

Drawing from the back catalogue of the American songbook, Caswell & Kilcawley perform songs about love, hardship, heartache and adventure. Switching seamlessly between instruments, their sets swing between meticulously arranged ballads to high-octane bluegrass classics with soaring vocals and expert musicianship.

This show takes place on the bar stage.