Choir of Outsiders: The Gentle Good + Loris and the Lion + Village Strays 

  • Saturday | 29.07.23
  • 3.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • Pay as you feel

Choir of Outsiders return to our bar stage.

Choir of Outsiders is a North West based music promoter specialising in contemporary and experimental folk. Come join the chorus.

The Gentle Good

The Gentle Good is the moniker of Cardiff-based musician and songwriter Gareth Bonello. Known for his enchanting melodies, intricate guitar style and beautiful acoustic arrangements, Gareth is one of the foremost songwriters working in Wales today.

The Gentle Good has released several highly acclaimed records, notably Ruins/Adfeilion, which won the Welsh Music prize in 2017 and Y Bardd Anfarwol (The Immortal Bard) which won the Welsh Language Album of the Year award in 2014.

This year will see the release of Galargan (Welsh for ‘Lament’), The Gentle Good’s first solo album for almost seven years. Performed on acoustic guitar, cello and vocal, Galargan is a stripped-back exploration of traditional Welsh melody and poetry that took form during the long isolation of the pandemic.

A captivating soloist, Gareth has performed all over the world, from the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC to the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing. In recent years Gareth has become a highly regarded musical collaborator, having worked extensively with artists from China and India. Along with artists from the indigenous Khasi community of Northeast India, he is a founder member of the Khasi-Cymru Collective. Their debut album Sai-thaiñ ki Sur (the Weaving of Voices) was released in May 2021 to widespread critical acclaim and was listed in the top three folk albums of 2021 by The Guardian.

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Loris and the Lion

Loris and the Lion weave gentle tales of joy and loss; a patchwork of sonic delights to soothe the soul and feed the heart, calling to mind the sounds and spirit of Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos and Jesca Hoop.

An alt folk duo from Liverpool, navigating life together accompanied by: fairytales; folktales; lifetales; a piano; a clarinet; a harmonium; a guitar (often bowed); too many effects pedals; sometimes a tenor recorder; some homemade bells; many other instruments they haven’t discovered yet; a shared love of choral music; an insatiable appetite for tea; a general love of nature (especially trees when looked up at from beneath); Joni Mitchell (naturally); Kate Bush (a first love); love (a second one).

Village Strays

Village Strays (formerly known as Vicar’s Son) are hard-hitting tunesmiths who use a plethora of instruments to transport you from drunken pub antics to the blustering great outdoors. Bring your dancing feet and enjoy Village Strays.

Bar open: 12.00pm
Artists on stage: 3.00pm
Curfew: 7.00pm
Stage: The Bar