• Wednesday | 27.04.11
  • 8.00pm
  • Band on the Wall
  • £15 General...

Bonobo is one of the hottest artists on the famed Ninja Tune label, whose combination of superb live shows and studio wizardry has garnered him acclaim and die hard fans far and wide for his expansive sound that merges trip hop and slick jazz-lounge with pulsating bass and crunchy glitched-out synth to superb effect.

Bonobo started out in the Brighton jazz/hip hop/funk/soul scene centred around Rob Luis and nights like phonic:hoop. An accomplished musician as a teenager, he began producing his own tracks, pushing at the template established in the various basement clubs of the city.

His debut album, Animal Magic was released in 2000, and was completely self-produced and largely self-played. Hailed as one of the “new downtempo pioneers”, Bonobo found himself attracting the attention of other labels and eventually signed to Ninja Tune, the home of Mr. Scruff, Homelife and The Cinematic Orchestra (with whom he’s often compared). 

This concert will begin at 8.30pm but the Picturehouse Cafe Bar opens from 5.30pm for delicious food and drinks. Special Offer! Book your meal in advance and get free ‘lucky dip’ tickets for a future concert – click here now for details