Akemi Fox + OneDa feat. Karis Jade + Evabee + Eve’s Drop Collective DJs

  • Tuesday | 08.03.22
  • 7.30pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £8 - £12

Akemi Fox is one of the north’s most soothing alternative R&B artists to debut this year. Standing out for all the right reasons, her distinctive voice, seductive, lyrical ability and mighty 90s/00s nostalgic sound have cemented her a position in the UK music scene as one of its most fearless and gifted songstresses. Since the release of her most recent single, ‘Lemon Tea’, Akemi has found herself on the right path of success. After landing her a spot on Tidal’s Rising: R&B playlist – a place for emerging artists changing the face of R&B, she’s gained a regional following of fans who vibe with her unorthodox R&B vibe and youthful aesthetic.

Describing her sound as alternative R&B, Akemi exudes a potent combination of confidence and innovation using her knowledge in music and culture to her benefit. Citing Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean and Beyoncé as her influences, the Mancunian praises the many soulful artists from the 90s and early 2000s who inspired her to stay true to herself and her artistry. Her discography is one filled with raw emotion, divine spiritual energy and nostalgia that enthrals you upon first listen.

Tracks like ’Weightless’, ‘Disposable’ and ‘Virginia’ majestically carry over the quality of R&B mixed with the smoothness of indie and contemporary. Her authentic style and delivery landed her a live session spot on BBC Introducing Radio Manchester with Michelle Hussey and Natalie Eve-Williams.