Acoustic Ladyland

  • Friday | 17.12.10
  • 7.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £12.50 Gene...

The Farewell Tour – In 2011, ten years after its birth, Acoustic Ladyland will reincarnate into a band with the same people but a new name. For this very special farewell concert they will be playing old material as well as a glimpse of their new stuff – So if you want to hear Acoustic Ladyland live again, this is your last chance, as they promise they won’t be playing those classic  songs anymore after this. 

Expect an explosive set completely off the Richter Scale by this amzing band who are by turn ferocious and frenetic with the capacity to pare the instrumentation down to a raw and mininimal level.  Their stunning ack-ack aural assualt features band leader Pete Wareham (vocals, tenor & baritone sax) alongside the internationally-acclaimed drummer Seb RoachfordChris Sharkey (guitar) and Ruth Goller (bass guitar). Destructive, brilliant and utterly thrilling, this is your very last chance to see these jazz punk legends live in Manchester.

This concert will begin at 7.30pm. Picturehouse Cafe Bar open from 5.30pm for delicious food and drinks. Special Offer! Book your meal in advance and get free ‘lucky dip’ tickets for a future concert – click here now for details