A1M Records presents The Moods + JB Barrington + The Back Handers + The Nouvelles

  • Saturday | 15.10.16
  • 6.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • £5 ADVANCE / £8...

New Music from the North – Introduced By John Robb

On 15th October 2016- A1M records, in the true spirit of DIY Indie music, follow the traditions of Wilson and McLaren, presents some of the finest new music and talent from the North. Introduced by music Journalist & Musician John Robb, at the iconic Band on The Wall. Recorded and Filmed Live, to be released as a 12inch EP.

The Backhanders, “Swirling guitars and intensely spat lyrics that brim with authentic Strummer soul.”

The Nouvelles, “Upbeat, powerful, tight and well-crafted tunes- BBC 6 “fresh on the net” regulars!”

JB Barrington, “Brilliantly funny, Northern poet, touches the heart strings & jangles the odd nerve”

The Moods, an 8 piece Manchester based dance, hip hop, electronic collective.

40 years have passed, a scorching summer of 1976, the second coming of The Sex Pistols, to the lesser free Trade hall, suddenly everything had changed, there were no rules, new bands, poets, artists, seize their chance. A chain of events unfolds, “Manchester awakes”, Buzzcocks’ Spiral Scratch, Joy Division, to the endless fall, to Factory Records, to the Hacienda, New Order, to Marr and Morrissey, to Madchester, to the Stone Roses at Spike Island, to Oasis, to a postmodern brand of civic pride.

Come along and be part of a new Northern story!