View From The Moon Weekender ft. Magaly Flores + Zee Guveya & The Heritage Survival + Jali & John + DJ Mayeva

  • Saturday | 14.01.23
  • 3.00pm
  • Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • FREE

Join us at Band on the Wall for View From the Moon, a family-friendly weekender celebrating a world of music.

Taking place on 13-15th January over two stages, this weekender features music from around the world by some of our favourite emerging and under-the-radar artists.

This celebration of global music is suitable for all ages and tastes – there’s something for everyone!

Free entry for all ages and we have a wide range of special food and drink deals on throughout January, so this is the perfect wallet-friendly New Year family treat.


Magaly Flores
Zee Guveya & The Heritage Survival
Jali & John
DJ Mayeva


Magaly Flores was born in Coyuca de Catalan, Guerrero in México. A member of the Institute for the Institute for the Preservation of Mexican Folk Dances (IDDMAC) in Mexico, CIOFF and the UNESCO CID Dance Council, in 2021 she received the Distinguished Mexican Award from the Mexican Government for promoting Mexican culture overseas.

After completing her arts degree in dance and education, Magaly joined the Dance Research Centre (Centro de Investigacion de la Danza), which investigates and protects the culture of many regional folk dances across Mexico. She moved to the UK in 1989, and after performing at cultural events on behalf of the Mexican Embassy, she founded Colibri Mexican Folkdance UK in 2016, a company dedicated to promoting and showcasing traditional Mexican dance throughout North West England and beyond.

Performances have included Manchester Day, Mexican Independence Day and at Instituto Cervantes and Liverpool and Manchester Central Libraries, amongst many others.


Zee Guveya & The Heritage Survival are a group of exceptionally talented musicians from Zimbabwe hailing from the country’s capital Harare. Their particular style of Afro-fusion draws on modern influences whilst upholding familiar traditional rhythms.

Lead singer and guitarist Zivai ‘Zee’ Guveya was first noticed at the tender age of 16, when he began working with the famous Dr Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo, playing the guitar, marimba and mbira. The early part of his career with Dr Thomas Mapfumo saw him recording five albums and touring throughout Africa, Europe and North America before relocating to the UK with the Heritage Survival Band.


The inherited title ‘Jali’ means traditional griot or storyteller and Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh was born into a traditional griot family – the keepers of the oral traditions of West Africa. Although he was born in The Gambia, Jali’s ancestors were originally from the ancient Kingdom of Mali.

Jali, who is now based in Manchester, is a master of the Kora (African harp), an instrument built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin to make a resonator, with a notched bridge like a lute or guitar. Each 21-stringed kora has own sound quality – echoing, as it does, the sounds of nature: the sound of the rain or wind on the leaves of trees.

At the View from the Moon, Jali will be performing with his long-time kora student, John Haycock, with whom he has recently produced an album.


Manchester–based DJ Mayeva comes from a multicultural background with parents of Peruvian-Scottish and Norwegian-Irish origins. She has been performing at world music events, multicultural weddings and festivals since 2006. In recent years she has appeared at We Face Forward, FEAST, the Viva Latin American Festival and the Cultural Collage World Music Festival in Manchester and has supported Shangaan Electro at the Kazimier Gardens in Liverpool.

Free Entry!

January is a tough month, especially at this time of rising costs. So we’ve decided to spread a little sunshine and make our View from the Moon family friendly global music weekender this weekend completely free, thanks to the kind support of our friends at the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Bring your friends, family and your little ones and join us at Band on the Wall for a weekend of incredible music from all corners of the globe, suitable for all ages!


Saturday (Bar) 15:30 Jali & John – Gambia Kora duo

Saturday (Bar) 17:00 DJ Mayeva – African Sounds

Saturday (Venue) 18:00 Magaly Flores – Flashdance Workshop

Saturday (Venue) 20:00 Zee Guveya & The Heritage Survival – Chimurenga Music from Zimbabwe

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.