Soft Machine

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| name = Soft Machine
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| caption = Group photo circa 1970:l-r: Elton Dean, Mike Ratledge, Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper
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| origin = Canterbury, England
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| years_active = 1966–1968, 1969–1984, 2015–present 1999-2002 (as Soft Ware) 2002–2004 (as Soft Works) 2004–2015 (as Soft Machine Legacy)
| label = ABC Probe, Columbia, Harvest, EMI, Major League Productions (MLP)

| associated_acts = Caravan, Pink Floyd, Matching Mole, Nucleus, Gong, Isotope, Adiemus, Soft Heap, Soft Head, Soft Bounds, The Police

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| current_members = John MarshallRoy BabbingtonJohn EtheridgeTheo Travis

| past_members = See: Members

Soft Machine are an English rock and jazz fusion band from Canterbury, named after the book The Soft Machine by William S. Burroughs. They were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene. Though they achieved little commercial success, they are widely considered by critics to have been very influential in rock music,"A Beginner’s Guide to Gong and Soft Machine’s Daevid Allen"] by Mikey IQ Jones, Fact magazine, 24 March 2015 "Daevid Allen, Guitarist and Singer in Progressive Rock, Dies at 77" by Peter Keepnews, The New York Times, 16 March 2015 "Soft Machine & Gong Co-Founder Daevid Allen Dead at 77" by Joe Lynch, Billboard, 13 March 2015 with AllMusic describing them as "one of the more influential bands of their era, and certainly one of the most influential underground ones." "Soft Machine : artist biography" by Richie Unterberger, [[AllMusic]

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