Naomi Kendrick

Naomi Kendrick is interested in creating work that, by engaging people with the senses, offers a ‘full’ experience and personal connection to her artwork. Her work includes multi sensory installations, sculpture, drawing and participatory events, where people are invited to explore my work through interaction and encouraged to respond, through creating something themselves.

Her practice is currently dominated by drawing music. This began in 1999 when, as part of research into creating and experiencing art without focusing on the visual, she spent a week wearing special glasses that gave her the effect of having severe cataracts. Kendrick’s method of drawing music has grown to become an investigation into the act of listening and response, as well as creating a connection between mind and body that results in a drawing. She has recently collaborated with musicians and dancers to expand on these ideas.

She has drawn music with friends and during workshops on many occasions and is often moved by the response it evokes in people. Responding to music can be so many things, personal, yet something we often do in groups, fun, thought-provoking and most of all a release, something we all need.

Naomi Kendrick is an artist, workshop facilitator and consultant based in Manchester, and currently Artist in Residence at Salford University.