Band on the Wall Secures Arts Council England NPO Funding

After working in partnership with Arts Council England and our other core funders to make the most incredible, fully accessible, international showcase venue, we’re excited to announce Band on the Wall has been successful in securing another three years of support through the Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Funding scheme.

Thanks to our funders and supporters, Band on the Wall is now much more than just a music venue. The venue has been owned and operated by registered charity Inner City Music for forty years, and we now also run an extensive music learning and participation programme World of Music, a professional artist development programme including a newly formed record label Band on the Wall Recordings, and produce tours across the country, featuring remarkable musicians from across the world as well as an award-winning curated programme within Band on the Wall itself.

Our recently renovated and expanded venue is home to a large collective learning space, studios and rehearsal rooms and is filled daily with people getting involved in making music, either at entry level and with the ambition of improving personal wellbeing, through to emerging artists and the professional musicians of the future.

This funding provides the ongoing support which allows us to fulfil our mission for the benefit of the artists, audiences and participants from all across our region and improves lives in doing so.

Inner City Music celebrates music and its power to engage, inspire and unify. Both at Band on the Wall and through our wider programmes and activities, we enable all people to discover, explore, enjoy, and participate in the best music from around the world.