Another Brick in the Wall – Your Name on a Personalised Plaque

Help Band on the Wall provide free places to young people on our brand new music learning programme, World of Music.

Band on the Wall is installing permanent markers of thanks to the exterior of our newly renovated venue, fixed to bricks that formed the iconic ‘wall’ of Band on the Wall, carefully reinstalled to the exterior of venue as a permanent reminder of building’s heritage.

By making a donation and selecting the reward of your choice, you will be recognised on our donor wall, Another Brick in the Wall. Your donation will be used to support our learning programme and charitable objectives. Rewards and personalised dedications are available at varying donation levels:

Bronze (£25) – Your name inscribed on our donor wall
Silver (£60) – A personalised permanent plaque on our wall
Gold (£100) – A personalised permanent plaque on our wall plus two membership cards

Click here to donate and claim your reward now.