Live-ish: Marcos Valle at Band on the Wall

During our temporary closure, we’re digging deep into the Band on the Wall archive to pick out some of our favourite recordings from gigs gone by. For our weekly Live-ish sessionwe’ll be broadcasting a full archive gig ‘as live’ for you to watch along. So tune in here at 7pm every Friday evening!

7pm Friday 17th April – Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle has been one of the lynchpins and driving forces in Brazilian music for over four decades. With his brother, Paulo Sergio Valle, he wrote a number of hits and made his first album, Samba Demais, in 1964. He headed to the United States in the following year, where Walter Wanderley successfully recorded the classic Samba de Verão. In the 70s he incorporated rock and soul music into his sound creating a musical style entirely of his own writing hits such as Quarentão Simpático, Com Mais de Trinta and Mustang Cor de Sangue.

His career took a distinct pop turn in the 80s, and he managed to smash out one hit after another becoming a central figure in the second wave of bossa nova musicians. His swingy, dance-driven style, supported by inventive grooves, easily fitted the European dance styles, where his music became incredibly influential in the midst of 90s drum n bass leading to his music being known as ‘drum n bossa’.

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