Annual Charity Collection – Help us help Manchester’s homeless and those in need this Christmas

If you’re coming to a gig at Band on the Wall this Christmas, could you pop a tin of beans in your handbag or a bar of soap in your pocket? While the festive season brings joy to many, for others it can be a time of loneliness, hardship and depression.

Every Christmas we collect items for Manchester’s homeless and those suffering in poverty. This year we are working with local charity Mustard Tree. When people are in crisis, Mustard Tree offer food, clothing and other provisions.

In the run-up to Christmas, Mustard Tree urgently needs donations of the following items to sustain their services:

Dried, packets and cartons

• Biscuits
• Coffee, milk (powdered and UHT) and sugar
• Custard and rice pudding
• Instant mashed potato
• Packet soup, pasta and pasta sachets, pot noodles and rice (incl. bagged and flavoured)

Tins (preferably ones with ring pulls)

• Beans, pulses and lentils
• Cooking sauces, soups and tinned tomatoes
• Curry (chicken, beef, vegetarian)
• Fish (tuna, sardines etc.)
• Fruits, vegetables and potatoes
• Meat (ham, chicken, sausages, hot dogs)
• Pasta (ravioli and spaghetti)

Personal hygiene items

• Body wash and liquid soap
• Toilet roll and wipes
• Deodorant (roll-on is best)
• Sanitary towels and tampons
• Toothbrushes and toothpaste
• Travel size mouthwashes, shampoo and conditioners and body wash
• Combs and hairbrushes.

Find out more about Mustard Tree.

Merry Christmas!