Guide to the Week of Music: The Ace of Cups return, Nori, new music and visuals

Welcome to the Guide to the Week of Music, a round-up of music news, media and releases from the wide musical world. This week, we dive into Nori’s new LP for our repeat listen, check out some new music and congratulate Xhosa Cole on this BBC Young Musician award.

Ace of Cups release long awaited debut LP

The Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco was awash with psychedelic rock bands during the late sixties, but none were quite like Ace of Cups. An all-female outfit who wrote their own material, opened for Jimi Hendrix and The Band, and performed for television alongside Jefferson Airplane – they had everything a band might’ve required to be offered a record deal during that era. However, they were never signed, the fire that burned during their early days began to dwindle and when members of the group began having children, they felt the time was right to disband.

Live recordings and session demos were released in 2003 and though brilliant, they didn’t quench their followers’ thirst for a bona fide studio album. Thankfully, behind renewed interest in the group and their history, the band have recorded a long awaited debut!

Their new album features Taj Mahal, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead amongst others. It’s jam packed with musical ideas; everything from bluegrass-infused folk-rock to harmony-drenched ballads and bluesy psychedelia. It’s wonderful to know that the band have finally ticked the studio record off their checklist and we recommend checking out their story below.

Read the full piece here via the Guide to the World of Music website.

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Friday | 15.03.19

Nubiyan Twist + Jermain Peterson + DJ Pablo Blanquito

Band on the Wall, Manchester
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Thursday | 07.02.19

Night Beats + White Flowers + Calvin Love

Band on the Wall, Manchester