Dobet Gnahoré releases new live video ahead of UK tour

Having been raised in an environment where performing arts and African traditions were paramount, it’s not surprising that Dobet Gnahoré has developed into the theatrical and multi-talented musical magpie we know today. Her new live video for Lobé, the fourth track from recent album Miziki, is testament to her absorbing stage presence and vocal prowess, capturing the expressive movement behind each strike of the floor tom and the facial expression behind each vocal phrase.

Gnahoré’s appreciation of a wide variety of music is apparent throughout the new album: from the Pygym vocal style to the electronic production elements. Lobé develops from a sparse percussive passage into a harmonious, technicolour chorus, bursting with melody. The new video, shot in front of a Paris crowd, goes beyond the drama of the studio recording though, with a more prominent electric guitar line, audience call and response and upfront percussion from Gnahoré herself.

Dobet makes her first appearance at Band on the Wall on Friday 19th October, supported by returning soul vocalist Yemi Bolatiwa, who has dazzled audiences here numerous times in recent years. Pick up tickets here and check out the new video below.

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Friday | 19.10.18

Dobet Gnahoré + Yemi Bolatiwa Trio

Band on the Wall, Manchester