DJ Fitchie’s record box: Classic Wackie’s and smooth Philly soul

Mr Scruff’s Keep it Unreal returned with a bang earlier this month, as the seasoned selector and Community head honcho Irfan Rainy teamed up for a Felabration special. DJ Fitchie, the man with the electronics at his fingertips in Fat Freddy’s Drop, will be hot footing it over to Band on the Wall from their sold out show at the Academy, to join Mr Scruff for a five-hour session. The pair go back a fair old way, with their first DJ set together taking place over 15 years ago in Wellington, NZ and their first here in Manchester being here at Band on the Wall a similar length of time ago! We’re thrilled to welcome Mr Scruff’s longstanding pal back and ahead of the night, have been blessed with five pre-party selections from the man, including a classic Wackie’s cut, some smooth Philly soul and a few serious floor-fillers as well.

Manmademusic – Under. (Night Stories EP, 2015)

“I picked this tune up a couple of years ago. It hasn’t left my record box since. I say this even though I don’t get to DJ anymore but if I was then it would be one of the first tunes selected. It sounds like Curtis Mayfield on L.S.D, just a small dose, maybe a little sliver…”

Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get , the More I Want (The More I Get , the More I Want 12”, 2008)

“A tune I’ve loved for a very long time and find I come back to for a listen or a spin often. A killer lead vocal performance from one of my favourite singers.”

ESA – Blast! (Aweh EP, 2017)

‘One word – “Heavy”.’

Theo Parrish – Warrior Code (Gentrified Love Part 2, 2016)

“A recent favourite of mine. It’s freaky, it’s dark, it’s fat and I love having arguments as to where the “one” is. The correct answer is…who cares, it’s just dope!”

Jah Batta & Skatee – Style & Fashion (Wackie’s 10”, 1983)

‘Classic Wackie’s DJ tune that always brings the “Dance”.’

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Saturday | 03.11.18

Mr Scruff’s Keep It Unreal with DJ Fitchie (Fat Freddy’s Drop)

Band on the Wall, Manchester