Announcing the Guide to the World of Music – a New Music Magazine from Band on the Wall

Band on the Wall launches The Guide to the World of Music, a new music magazine and education resource.


The Music of Jamaica, India, Brazil, Greece and more / Miles Mosley and the West Coast Get Down / Fantastic Negrito / Yemi Bolatiwa / Os Mutantes / Norman Jay MBE / Eliza Carthy / OSHUN / even more

The Guide to the World of Music, available online and in print, features a wide range of long form in-depth analysis paired with shorter articles highlighting music cultures from around the world, with contributions from emerging music writers and music academics.

Take a journey around the globe, exploring the cultures and traditions of different people, as told through their music and cultures. You can explore the Guide to the World of Music in three sections:

People and Places

Long-form, in depth pieces exploring in detail the musical traditions of different cultures and countries. Many of these articles have been researched and written by music academics from the University of Manchester.


This is where you will find artist introductions, interviews, playlists and other shorter articles.


The Guide to the Week of Music – a weekly roundup of the latest music news and the latest sounds, sights and releases.

You can read all the content for free via the Guide to the World of Music website – there’s also a print version available to pick up free at Band on the Wall, and various record shops and spots across Manchester!

Open the Guide to the World of Music here.