A window into the production of Pinkshinyultrablast’s Miserable Miracles

Having drawn influence from ‘80s synth-wave and Japanese pop, Pinkshinyultrablast have crafted an LP with a greater electronic presence than their precursory epic, Grandfeathered. Called Miserable Miracles – it is released via Club AC30 on 4th May and features a refined line-up, exploring experimental sonic territory.

This nine-track playlist – featuring environmental soundscapes, acid-tweaked techno and DIY synth-pop – provides a deeper insight into the writing and production of the new record, via the music the group were enjoying at the time.

The trio – who are today based between St. Petersburg and L.A. – celebrated ten years since their first ever show recently and their UK tour in May. Fellow sonic visionaries Warm Digits join them for their show at Band on the Wall, which falls happily on album release day, so you’ll most likely be able to cop a copy! Check out the playlist below and pick up tickets here.