Channel One and Coxsone assemble their top ‘70s and ‘80s roots playlists

Channel One and Coxsone are two dominant presences in the world of soundclash and we’re thrilled that both will be represented at our Culture Clash event next Saturday. While the real clashing will take place there and then, how about a preliminary round of tune tradesmanship, as both sounds curate playlists of their favourite ‘70s and ‘80s roots music. Who wins the battle for you: Channel One with their Slyford Walker and Augustus Pablo selections ‘build for sound system’ or Coxsone with their ‘coxsone dubplate’ picks by Michael Prophet and Burning Spear

Channel One – Top Roots songs for the 70’s & 80’s.

Studio One – Real Rock
This is exactly what it says on the tin. Studio One, basically a big tune from the 70s.

Dennis Brown – What About The Half
A legendary Dennis Brown record, this one came out on the original Disco 45, on DEB music, another famous label at the time.

Bob Marley – Rat Race
One of the obscure Bob Marley’s tunes. Played mainly by sound systems back in the 70s.

Te-Track – Only Jah Jah Know
Te Track was one of the family groups out of Augustus Pablo’s stable. Big tune. Came out on 7″, this has just been re-released.

Augustus Pablo – Earth Wind & Fire
One of the toughest tunes that Augustus Pablo did, only built for sound system.

Slyford Walker – Lamb’s Bread
You only heard this at a dance, not on the radio, until later. This was played by all the major sound systems.

Burning Spear – Slavery
Self explanatory. A powerful song, all about slavery times, what was put into the words by Burning Spear. Everytime channel one plays that tune, you are reminded about the real meaning of the lyrics.

Gregory Issacs – Party In The Slum
One of GI’s most famous rhythms.

Culture – Two Sevens Clash
An international anthem tune for reggae music.

Joe Gibbs – Chapter Three African Dub
One of the most famous dub albums in the world.

Coxsone – Top Roots songs for the 70’s & 80’s.

Wailing Souls – Kingdom Come Kingdom Fall
Regularly played on Coxsone dubplate.

Fred Locks – Voice of the Poor
A great tune by Fred Locks produced by Lloyd Coxsone.

Faybiene – Prophecy
Classic on Tribesman – Coxsone label.

Michael Prophet – Gunman
Regularly played on Coxsone dubplate.

Lacksley Castel – What a Great Day
Classic Roots from King Jammy regularly played on Coxsone dubplate.

Dennis Brown – 3 Meals a Day
Was a Coxsone classic before Shaka made it popular.

Bunny Wailer – Rise & Shine
Regularly played on Coxsone dubplate.

Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey
Regularly played on Coxsone dubplate.

Bob Marley – Guiltyness
Great Bob Marley song.

Yabby U – Deliver Me
Selection is not complete without the great Yabby U.

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