An introduction to Fenne Lily, Paul Thomas Saunders, Sivu and Siv Jakobsen

The good folks at DHP family present an evening with four fascinating singer-songwriters, at Band on the Wall on Friday 6th October. Ahead of the show, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the musical stylings of Fenne Lily, Paul Thomas Saunders, Sivu and Siv Jakobsen.

Fenne Lily

Hailing from the South West, aspiring young artist Fenne Lily is already receiving international attention, with an Anchor award nomination for her ability to cast spells over even the largest concert halls’ using just her voice and guitar. The softly spoken songwriter has been honing her craft since her mid-teens and barely exceeds conversational volume on record. As such, her candid songs, subtly arranged, feel like discourse with a trusted friend. While her sound can be quaint and reminiscent of artists like Vashti Bunyan, her lyricism and characterful voice align her with pop-folk powers of this generation, such as Lucy Rose and Julie Byrne. Check out her Burberry acoustic session for a slice of pure acoustic captivation.

Paul Thomas Saunders

Paul Thomas Saunders might take you by surprise with his vocal range and nuanced songwriting, but influences such as Joe Meek are indicative of interests beyond singing and songwriting, into the world of music production and engineering. Bittersweet Symphonies praised the vintage yet ambient feel’ of his self-produced single Holding On For Love, and he is soon to share another new number entitled I’ll Come Running, punctuating his return to music in 2017. His year thus far has involved harmonising with the wonderful Staves and performing at Bluedot festival, but it’s from the stage of an intimate venue where his talents will be most impactful.


Approaching the age of thirty, Sivu is hardly long in the tooth, but he is an artist operating without guaranteed career longevity, due to a rare hearing condition called Ménière’s. It leaves him heavily reliant on a hearing aid and carries the risk of eventual deafness, which naturally threatens his prospects as a writer and performer, however it hasn’t deterred him from creating incredible work as he adjusts. He has allowed the condition to influence his output in the most beautiful way possible, incorporating manual communication into the visual elements of his art and drawing inspiration from his condition for his songwriting, as on the title track of his album Sweet Sweet Silent. Check out the track below and find out more about the inspiring artist and his condition in this Newsbeat article.

Siv Jakobsen

Like Fenne Lily atop the bill, Siv Jakobsen has an absorbing voice; her annunciation and vibrato calling to mind fantastic artists like Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling. Her recent performance at Old Granada Studios, which you can get lost in below, demonstrates the Norwegian’s unaccompanied talents and should it leave you longing for more, you can investigate her song Shallow Digger on NPR’s All Songs Considered. NPR’s Bob Boilen says her songs are filled with a storm of lyrical tension, sung over a sea of instrumental calm’.