Free Vibes #3: Everything you need to know

If you’re yet to experience Free Vibes at Band on the Wall, then Thursday presents another opportunity for you to test the water, with four exciting bands, each possessing something unique and intriguing, taking to the stage. In no particular order, they are:

The Bleachés

If you dig scuzzy rock laden with pop melody, then The Bleachés should tick your boxes. Vocalist Chloe Sancho has a tone characteristic of French vocalists like Camille and Melody’s Echo Chamber, exemplified on their great new tune Mary. Bandmates Adam Hutchinson (Guitar), Josh Yeung (Bass), James McGraw (Drums) and Jake Hutchinson (Guitar) take the song on twists and turns with tempo and rhythmic changes, keeping your feet guessing and the track progressing.

Big Society

There’s little can be said about Big Society that isn’t covered in their brief biography, avowing to little being known about the band in an almost ‘Have you heard of William Onyeabor?’ manor, but fortunately, their track 17 more than makes up for their dearth of words. It’s delicate, with a classic rock rhythm and Beatles-esque harmony, but fresh by equal measure, with flashes of ripping, whammy-modulated guitar lines and a breezy vocal spring. Think Alabama Shakes and White Denim and you’re on the right track!

Scarlet Castles

There aren’t many modern bands with the chops and the bravery to get progressive, but Scarlet Castles do, nodding to the likes of Tool, Opeth and Primus with their math, metal and progressive rock leanings. Their latest tune was recently played on The Vanity Project, a “bombastic” epic with dynamic shifts, colour and drama. Have a listen at the 43 minute mark.


Like Cream, Fuzz or Nirvana, Sauce have a concise name with plenty of connotations. Their track Love Shocks is a riff-heavy wedge of British indie rock, with a chanted hook and plenty of flavour.

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Saturday | 16.09.17

Free Vibes: Cavana + Granfalloon + Gardenback

Band on the Wall, Manchester
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Thursday | 31.08.17

Free Vibes: Sauce + Scarlet Castles + The Bleachés + The Big Society

Band on the Wall, Manchester