Free Vibes #1: All you need to know

Band on the Wall has always championed emerging artists and has seen several acts destined for greatness, grace the venue stage during their formative years. Be they punk-era acts like Joy Division and Buzzcocks who refined their sound on Swan Street, or modern-era alt-pop successes like James Blake and Izzy Bizu, who’s Band on the Wall appearances were a step on their way to major label deals and widespread acclaim; there has always been a breadth of artists passing through and leaving their mark. Free Vibes is Band on the Wall’s latest vehicle for showcasing emerging independent talent and kicks off next month with three free-entry events. The first takes place on Thursday 3rd August and features San Eco, Slowhandclap, Mali Hayes and Caoilfhionn Rose.


Duo San Eco’s broad-ranging indie-rock productions have both cinematic and danceable qualities, by virtue of Morris Cowan’s background in techno and dub production and Tom Edney’s experimental alt-rock credentials. The pair met during the recording of Edney’s Manchester Underground EP and demonstrate a strong collaborative relationship, with their respective skills pooled on their eponymous debut project, released on Manchester’s Beatphreak label the day before the show. Tasting notes for their sound include The Phoenix Foundation, Bitchin Bajas, Dutch Uncles and D.D. Dumbo. – all acts with distinct and unique production aesthetics as San Eco have crafted for themselves.


Warrington trio Slowhandclap have hit the ground running in 2017 with plenty of live shows and a handful of new tunes. Their rugged and surprisingly nuanced alt-rock sound, with deceptively complex guitar riffs and structural touches, demonstrates a class and craftsmanship rare among modern alt-rock bands, suggesting a lineage that runs back to bands like Gang of Four via Fugazi and modern groups like Oh Sees, Yuck and Parquet Courts. They make a mighty sound for just three men and you’ll be glad to have heard them in full force over the Band on the Wall soundsystem!


Having recently supported Anthony Joseph at Band on the Wall, we’re thrilled to have neo-soul vocalist Mali Hayes back at the venue. The sweetness of her vocal, best exemplified on her cover of Jill Scott’s The Fact Is (I Need You),  showcases her vocal dexterity and artistic flair, as she puts a spin on the song that flaws even hardcore Scott fans down in the comment section.


Singer-songwriter Caoilfhionn Rose is a multi-talented artist who has collaborated with Manchester’s Durutti Column and woven Manchester’s music history in with her own songwriting. Whether fingerpicking on acoustic guitar or summoning chords from electric piano, her soft manner and fantastic song craft draws you in, much as artists like Laura Marling or Kathryn Joseph.

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