A Day in the life of a Plimp Soul

The Plimp Souls came out of nowhere, exploding on to the Northern Funk & Soul scene in 2015 with a sound to be reckoned with! The Plimp Souls, as a concept, has been bubbling under the surface for years, but first materialised in the summer of that year, beginning life as a super tight 4-piece who dug deep into rare funk in crafting an authentic sound. A search high and low saw the band expand to include a super fat, four-piece horn section and percussionist. The group take pride in their set, keeping their catalogue and arrangements dirty and raw. They make their first Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club appearance this Saturday, assuring us it will be “one for the memory bank”.

To give you a taster for what to expect, the band have provided a typical day in a life of a Plimp Soul…


As you are just stirring, waiting for the teasmade to wake you up, on comes I Cant Stand it by Brenda George which makes doing your lunges in front of the mirror much more bearable.  It’s a juicy, succulent slice of soul-funk; it’s a very simple recipe that works so well on the palette. With a combination of gritty vocals, a pungent and driven backline, breakdowns, stabby horns and a soulful chorus this is perfect combination to set you up for the day.


Breakfast didn’t touch the sides, now you are so hungry and need a belly full of Genuine by (the late) Sharon Jones.  At first it seamed an almost impossible chunk for funk to conquer. It took John (Drums) months before he stopped crying and Simon (Bass) still breaks out in a funk rash but after a lot of determination and persistence it finally clicks and all locks in to place making it a very satisfying. You will need a nap after though all the excitement.  


Finally, No Diggity by Black Street. This tantalising fusion of flavours will get your taste buds flapping. Fusing together a spicy hip hop classic with a door step of wholegrain funk. Brassy overtones, colourful lyrics and throwing a rattlesnake of a guitar in to the mix will leaving you gasping for air. This mash up is one not to miss before bedtime.

Expect to sample the goodness at Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club ft. The Plimp Souls live on 24th June.

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Saturday | 24.06.17

Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club ft. The Plimp Souls live

Band on the Wall, Manchester