CHAMPS share new song ‘The Garden is Overgrown’

Brothers Michael and David Champion, the musician/songwriter duo known as CHAMPS, have returned with a brand new track entitled The Garden Is Overgrown, ahead of a short run of UK live shows, including an appearance at Band on the Wall on 30th May 2017.

Since their 2015 album VAMALA and their first headline UK tour later that year, the brothers have spent the interim writing, demoing and fine tuning their new live set-up. Work on the follow up to VAMALA begins in earnest and The Garden Is Overgrown, produced by Sean Oakley (Rick Rubin’s go-to engineer) is the introduction to the next chapter.

The song emerges into the spring sunlight; exhilarating guitars and keyboards partnered with Michael’s lead vocals, cascading almost immediately into a hook-laden chorus. The duo’s return is replete with a fuller sound, no less evocative than previous outings but combined with a new found confidence.

As Michael explains; “the heart of the song is about youth and all that growing up entails – through the passage of time, relationships and priorities ebb and flow along with flux and excitement and at times, the insecurities and disenchantment that one feels as life’s path is negotiated.”.

Listen to the track below and pick up tickets for their Band on the Wall show now.