Five Manchester favourites picked by The Mouse Outfit

The Mouse Outfit are back at Band on the Wall in December, capping off a huge UK tour with not one but two nights to meet unprecedented hometown demand. It’s been a big year for the live hip hop outfit; their Mouse Outfit Remixed compilation dropping in October and the video for Sit Back ft. Truthos Mufasa and Black Josh racking up 1 million views on YouTube. The remix album wasn’t just a Manchester affair (though contributions from Jim Bane and Nymad, Dub Phizix and Biome made sure the City was recognised) with Chicago’s Tall Black Guy and Russian born DJ Vadim re-working No Wonder ft. Sparkz and Step Steadier ft. Fox respectively.


Word direct from the band is that “The live shows will feature a new set with some remixed versions of our tracks, some tracks from Escape Music that we’ve never played before and some old favourites. There will be plenty of MCs + a special guest MC that we’ve never played with before.” so expect big things for their Band on the Wall return!

Check out five five Manchester tracks they’re currently enjoying…

Cul Dé Sac – Know we now

“Cul dé Sac are yet another young Manchester crew who have popped up recently with great potential. We’ve seen them around a few gigs and festivals this year and they’ve started working with our booking agents Diplomats of Sound so we’ll probably see a lot more of them.”

Ellis Meade – All I Can Do

“Ellis Meade has been on the Manchester scene for a while now and we met him at a jam night we used to run in here called ‘In The Loop’. Ellis has a local crew with Sparkz + Dubbul O called ‘Voodoo Black’ and also featured on our second album ‘Step Steadier’ with a track called ‘Time’. Ellis shot the video to our track ‘Step Steadier’ and is currently shooting another video for us.”

Layfullstop – YingYang

“Lay is an up and coming female rapper + singer based in Manchester and this track shows her at her very best. Lay jumped on stage with us at our last Band on the Wall gig and we have been in the studio with her this summer working on some tracks.”

Children of Zeus – Still Standing

“Children of Zeus are Tyler Daley + Konny Kon. They have both been around for some time and been key players in the Manchester Music scene. We particularly like this project from them and they’ve been working with some great featured vocalists. We’ve been playing this track since it came out and love the vibe. There’s also a really nice drum and bass rework by Lenzman.”

Skittles – Problematic

“We love this track particularly as it features live musicians including Jack Tinker who used to play trumpet with us.”