Mr. Scruff’s Top 7 Francois K productions/remixes

Mr. Scruff Keep it Unreal celebrates it’s 17th birthday in June, with a special night at Old Granada Studios featuring French DJ and producer François K. Ahead of the night, Mr Scruff runs down seven of his favourite Kevorkian productions and remixes.

“Francois Kevorkian was all over the Prelude sound. D Train, Musique, Sharon Redd, Unlimited touch, Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day and so many other electronic disco classics. He even caught the ear of Wham, who got him to remix their ‘Wham! Rap’ single. Here are a few choice picks from his 35+ years of producing music.” Mr Scruff

Rare Earth – ‘Happy Song’ (Francois Kevorkian Edit)

“Walter Gibbons must have had a lot of influence on this edit from 1977. Drums for days, and one of the first edits that got Francois noticed.”

The Strikers ‘Body Music’ (Francois Kevorkian & Larry Levan mix)

“Irresistible, wriggly electronic disco from 1981. Proper, cheeky party music. I love it when it sound like they had a great deal of fun in the studio.”
D Train ‘Music’ (Mixed By Francois Kevorkian & Hubert Eaves)

“So many D Train classics to choose from! The gospel style backing vocals on this one get me every time.”

Dinosaur L ‘Go Bang #5 (Francois Kevorkian Mix)

“Absolute, hands-down, lop-sided disco brilliance. Francois K chisels Arthur Russell’s original LP version into a much more dancefloor friendly experience, but still retains enough of the odd factor to add that element of confusion that I love so much.”

Francois Kevorkian presents Jah Wobble, The Edge & Holger Czukay ‘Hold on to your dreams’

“Lovely mellow, soulful dubby masterpiece from 1983.”

Francois K ‘Elightenment’

“Body & Soul sunshine style.. starts off tough & percussive, then that guitar pop in after a few minutes. This, on a full dancefloor at 3am (or indeed, outside in the blazing sunshine), is a beautiful thing.”

Francois K & U Roy ‘Rootsman’

“Francois K & Russ Disciple serve up a prime slice of fat steppers music.”

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Friday | 03.06.16

Mr Scruff & Francois K at Old Granada Studios, Manchester

Band on the Wall, Manchester