The Breath share Antwerp from their forthcoming debut album Carry Your Kin

The Breath are a new ensemble comprising of Irish-born, Manchester-based vocalist Ríoghnach Connolly, guitarist Stuart McCallum and fellow Cinematic Orchestra alumni John Ellis and Luke Flowers. Since signing with Real World records earlier this year, they’ve been hard at work on their debut album Carry Your Kin, recording between Manchester and the Real World retreat, established by Peter Gabriel in the late 1980’s. Their sound brings together the finest elements of their individual work, like the folk music elements of Connolly’s vocals and flute, the ambient soundscapes of McCallum’s layered guitar work and jazzy rhythm and phrasing courtesy of Ellis and Flowers.

Listen to the first track to be released from their debut album here, and catch them live at Band on the Wall on 17th June.