Stream Lera Lynn’s new album Resistor via NPR Music

Lera Lynn achieved worldwide notoriety with her contribution to the hit crime series True Detective, playing a recurring roll as well as co-writing much of the music that appeared in the series, but now it is time for her, and the music she has created under her own name, to take centre stage.

Her new album Resistor, due for release next week, was recorded with Nashville guitarist and producer Joshua Grange, and can be heared in full on First listen.

In the words of NPR, “Lynn has a gift for sensory subtlety, and she uses it to get at emotional truths: how excruciating it is to feel love descend into mutually inflicted suffering; how helpless it can feel when you’re trying to keep the primal intensity of brand-new attraction from ebbing away.”

She plays live at Band on the Wall on 1st June.

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Wednesday | 01.06.16

Lera Lynn

Band on the Wall, Manchester