Interview: Cherry Ghost

An interview with Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost

Cherry Ghost will play a one-off concert at Band on the Wall on 7th February, in support of Gracie’s fund, a campaign to raise funds for the treatment of four year old Gracie who is battling AT/RT, which is a rare type of brain tumour. Ahead of the show, we spoke with songwriter and frontman Simon Aldred about his connection to the fund and the reasons for this concert, as well as his songwriting and his plans for 2016.

Can you tell us about your connection to Gracie’s fund and how it inspired you to arrange this benefit concert.

When I was on the dole prior to Cherry Ghost, I evaded having to do a shift in Tesco by going on a Music Production course at Spirit studios. I made some good friends there one of them being Callum, Gracie’s Dad. We kept in touch and I figured I could help him out when they needed it with their brave little girl. 

As a songwriter you find it important to stretch yourself and continue to progress with songwriting. Since the release of the acclaimed ‘Herd Runners’ are you experience further evolution in your writing, and has the reception encouraged you to continue in a certain way?

I haven’t written for myself since to be honest and the majority of songs on that album were songs I’d written for other people first so I haven’t written a bunch of songs with my own voice in mind for nearly 5 years. I write songs for other people now and I think it’s made me a better songwriter in some ways but I think you run the risk of losing your own identity too. I plan on getting back to what I know this year. I can’t write pop songs but I can touch people with my songs like pop writers can’t. I need to play to that. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

I’m building a studio at present so I plan to develop my production skills because I think it’s important to extend yourself and I get off on the science of sound. Ideally I’d like to write something outstanding for someone else to sing so I can retire to a big house in France and grow an enormous beard. A great country song, a crossover pop song and maybe an EP of my own. Who knows. As long as its fun I don’t care too much.

Cherry Ghost + Marlin

07 February / 19:00 / More Info / Buy Tickets

Cherry Ghost are proud to play a one-off concert in support of Gracie’s Fund.

Gracie is 4 years old and for the 2nd time is battling AT/RT which is a rare type of brain tumour.

Please join us on the night to help support Gracie & her family.

Find out more here.