Just announced: Angel Haze, 12th January.

Angel Haze 

12 January / 19:30 / More Info / Buy Tickets

Angel Haze is a rivetingly intense MC who delivers raw emotional candour with machine-gun urgency. The 23 year old rapper and singer brings a mash-up of styles, catchy choruses, big, dub-steppy beats, and, of course, a dose or two of scorchingly honest and brutal storytelling.

Back to the Woods, Haze’s recently released mixtape has been met with near universal acclaim, eschewing commerical appeal in favour of the raw honesty which made the world listen on early releases. Listen to the Back to the Woods mixtape in full below.

“…now my music is about how I feel, about how I am actually and what I’m letting go and nobody can take that shit from you once you find it. That’s what the record’s about.” Angel Haze