Just announced: Extra Love, 20th November.

Extra Love

20 November / 20:00 / More Info / Buy Tickets

Extra Love are a well established ten-piece band from Manchester who throw a variety of spices into the Reggae/Dub pot; creating their own distinctive and very danceable flavour. With big vibes, grooves to make you move your waist line, and deep bass that rolls all the way down your spine…this band is in it’s natural habitat when mashing up dancefloors all over the land. Expect equal helpings of conscious music and un self-conscious dancing at an Extra Love gig…

“Extra Love are Vibes, Vibes and more vibes. They never fail to impress on levels of energy and stage presence. With a massive live following and tunes to back this up they get any dance skanking big time’’ Kev Original/Dub Smugglers

Also available to book through our artist agency.