Music Connex: Interview with Sebastian Cornelissen of Tristan

On Saturday 27th June, Music Connex present a bill of excellent modern soul and RnB acts, including Carol Riddick, Maryanne Ito, Carmen Hendricks, Tristan, SuCh and DJ Colin Curtis. Ahead of the show we spoke to Tristan drummer Sebastien Cornelissen, asking him about his introduction to music, the draws of live performance and the essence of soul music.

Tell us about your introduction to music, and what genres or artists were the first to really catch your attention.

‘Both my parents were professional musicians. They worked in the orchestra, so were classically trained, but my dad was always into more electric music. He plays double bass & electric bass.
I listened mainly to the music he played, like Weather Report, Yellow Jackets, ECM stuff. My first drum teacher gave me tapes of Tower of Power and Toto, which I really got into. I started to search for music which is performed on a high level, like in jazz, but with the form and structure, melodies that you find in soul related artists.’

What drew you to live performance, and when you began performing, who informed your approach?

‘I always wanted to really make music for an audience. I saw my dad perform live many times and his stories from the past about his time as a kid in a pop band inspired me a lot. When I formed my first band he also managed us for a while. He was always there and helped out a lot.’

What in your opinion is the enduring quality of soul music, and why is it still important to people in the 21st century?

‘I guess you could find traces of soul in pretty much any good song out there.
 A good song doesn’t need much to survive time either, especially soul music where you still hear real honest instrumentation, melodies from the heart and lyrics, usually with depth.
 Everybody has that one soul tune they liked and brings back memories the moment they hear it back.’

Music Connex Live showcase

ft. Carol Riddick, Maryanne Ito, Carmen Hendricks, Tristan, SuCh DJ Colin Curtis

27 June / 19:00 / More Info / Buy Tickets

The MusicConnex Live Soul City Tour showcases the best independent soul talent from across the globe.