Just announced: Emin, 29th May.


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Sound Collective presents Emin.

With a clutch of international awards, and performances in front of some of the biggest global audiences ever, Emin is a phenomenon……and something of a renaissance man. 

Emin writes and co-writes his songs with some of the most successful contemporary songwriters, performs to huge audiences, racks up YouTube views of over five million for just one song and turns up on shows like BBC Breakfast and E!

Emin has developed parallel careers, picking up awards in Russia – this year he won a Golden Gramophone, the Russian Grammy, for his first released Russian-language album – while chalking up Billboard Top Ten hits and filling stadiums all over the world with English songs he has co-written with the likes of Rob Vegas, who wrote Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’, and Jamie Scott, the man behind One Direction’s ‘Story of My Life’ and Wayne Hector, the hit maker for Britney, Olly Murs and The Pussycat Dolls.

It was the collaboration with super-producer Brian Rawling that really put Emin on the map in the UK. The 2010 album, ‘Wonder’, became a Radio 2 Album of the Week, while its follow-up, Into the ‘Thunder’, included not one but two Radio 2 Singles of the Week, ‘Obvious’ and ‘Any Time You Fall’.

The new album, ‘more…Amor’, explores diverse avenues: from an almost Maroon 5 vibe on songs like ‘Boomerang’, with singles like ‘Woman’, a lush, orchestral number and ‘Footsteps’, which showcases a voice that already sounds classic: yearning, strong and emotional with flavours of Chris Martin, early Paul McCartney even.

Emin is a unique proposition: having won a World Music Award, appearing on stage in Monte Carlo alongside the likes of Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus and Ricky Martin. He went on to appear at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony, as well as in the coveted ‘Riverdance’ slot in the middle of The Eurovision Song Contest, watched by hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

Don’t expect the highly talented Emin to blow his own trumpet. Just be aware: there is quite some trumpet there.