Just announced: Magma, 7th May.


07 May / 19:00 / More Info / Tickets on sale soon

Magma play Manchester for the first time since the ‘70s.

Since releasing their self titled debut album in 1970, French rock group Magmahave captivated listeners with an explosive fusion of rock, jazz and classical composition including powerful brass and mysterious vocals devised in their own eccentric language to complete their unique sound. 

The group consists of leader Christian Vander (Drums, Vocals) Stella Vander(Vocals) Isabelle Feuillebois (Vocals) Herve Aknin (Vocals) Benoit Alziary(Vibraphone) James Mac Gaw (Guitar) Bruno Ruder (Piano) and Philippe Bussonnet (Bass). Their backgrounds in Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop mean the eight founding members are musicians with the requisite talents to bring their unique and visionary music to life.

Their 1973 album “Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh” is there most accomplished and renowned work, earning it a spot in the French edition of Rolling Stone’s Best French Rock albums list. Its influence is clear on albums like Fear of Music by Talking Heads, and draws parallels with German groups like Can and Amon Duul as well as prog and jazz fusion acts. 

Being a group with such an outlandish style and experimental music made them hard to classify, and earned them a cult status among psych and prog fans. This is their first time playing in Manchester for many years, making a must see show.