‘Round Town: Band on the Wall’s hot pick – My Jerusalem (Jeff Klein)

Didn’t manage to get tickets for our sold out Rumer show this Monday? Fear not, there’s another brilliant gig on just round the corner at Night & Day.

One of our favourite artists, Jeff Klein, is coming over to perform a special intimate show with his brand new band My Jerusalem, this Monday, 17th Jan. We’ve been a fan of Jeff’s for years, ever since hearing the whisky soaked soundtrack to love, loss and heartbreak Everybody Loves A Winner.

The recently coalesced collective met through critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Jeff Klein, who had played with each member at individually at different times in his travels as a solo artist. 

Jeff met guitarist Dave Rosser, a touring member of the Twilight Singers through producer, Mike Napolitano. Bassist Ashley Dzerigian was in Great Northern and toured with Ed Harcourt.

The new band is of no fixed genre, approaching each song individually to see what they can bring to it and pull out if it. “It’s actually the most exciting time in my life. It actually reminded me why I like doing what I do. I had my finger cut off and reattached, quit smoking and lost a bunch of weight,” Jeff laughs, “I’ve earned myself a band.”

Tickets are £6 and are available here.