Join Band on the Wall’s Hi Def YouTube Channel

Band on the Wall now has an official YouTube Channel.

Free to subscribe to if you have a YouTube account (also free), you can now enjoy Band on the Wall concerts in hi definition from the comfort of your home or office.

Subscribe to Band on the Wall’s You Tube Channel by clicking here now

This online platform is an addition to Band on the Wall’s acclaimed online archive – accessed via our website by clicking here where you can already access and enjoy this footage.

The Archive

In the past almost all of the thousands of music performances over the years went unrecorded, undocumented and un-notated. Lost in time. Our archive seeks to ensure that, from now on, all will not be lost.

AV Recordings

Music and the musicians are at the heart of the archive; and contemporary audio-visual recordings of performances are its core.

All of the artists have granted permission for the performances to be available as streamed excerpts and, from time to time, shown on the screens at Band on the Wall. Many more video clips will follow online.


While the building of this archive of contemporary recorded performances will remain our priority, we also are expanding the written history of the venue. Already some of this history is described in this archive. Our current work concentrates on the 1975-85 decade, and the updated story for this crucial period in the venue’s survival and development will be added to the archive’s history page later in 2010. Subsequent work will take in the past 25 years, including the roller-coaster story of the building refurbishment scheme, completed in September 2009. We also welcome information about the venue’s earlier history.

We also plan to transfer various existing (pre-2005) recordings (audio & video) to digital formats and, where appropriate, make them available for streaming online.

Our archive also encourages input from individuals and organisations – whether materials such as print, photos, or audio or video recordings, or simply anecdotes from the venue’s past. 


Our view is that the entirety of the archive is, in the broad sense, educational. In late 2010 we hope to launch specific archive-related education activities for the public.

This uniquely evolving archive is supported over five years by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Manchester City Council.