The Paris Riots ‘Wrecking Ball’ 10th March 2011

Formed in the small, underground clubs of Manchester by brothers Toby & Guy Connor and Scottish rhythm section Kevin Martin and Scott McKnight, The Paris Riots are fast establishing their place in their home city’s rich and eclectic musical heritage.
From early bluesy experiments The Paris Riots have developed a distinctive, heavy yet deeply melodic sound veering between the raw and the beautiful, the exuberant and the melancholy, the grandiose and the intimate – laced with distorted crackle, pointed riffs and dense textures. Passionate, urgent and intense live performances with singer Toby Connor’s accentuated phrasing and posturing stage persona has seen them build a fiercely loyal fan-base radiating from their hometown of Manchester across the UK. Armed with a collection of songs described as “the sound of a riot rock revolution” – from the austere authority of Wrecking Ball; the hypnotic groove of Strangers; through to the sinister, brooding narrative of Petty Concerns – The Paris Riots are establishing themselves as a new and exciting force in live music.

Filmed by Band on the Wall AV Unit 10th March 2011