The Bays (World Launch of Gigzine) 21st January 2011

Band on the Wall welcomes back The Bays, with a unique and exclusive interactive multimedia performance with a specially commissioned Jukebox style set where the audience control the performance.
The Bays have taken the world by storm with their fusion of driving electronic compositions and cutting edge improvised jazz. Live performance is everything for a band who have never recorded in a studio or released a single note commercially. This unique show will sees the launch of Gigzine including Audience Juke Box and AudienceVJ — brand new software that puts the audience in control of the band.

Gigzine is a free mobile application that provides you with a live stream of exclusive content during concerts and events. With the Gigzine software enabled, you can interact with the venue and artist’s performance, and download exclusive film, text, images and audio of the event, as it is happening in real time.

AudienceVJ allows the audience to control the images that are projected alongside the performance. At this concert The Bays will control the rate at which images change, but the audience will be able to control the loops of images that are displayed. This is controlled by the Gigzine software (available free on the iOS App Store).
Audience Jukebox lies at the heart of this event with the set is divided into ‘playlists’. The audience vote for the tracks they want to hear whilst the Bays navigate the playlists providing a continuous coherent experience.
Gigzine has been developed by Steve Symons, who has been working with Band on the Wall through the New Music Plus scheme from the PRSforMusic Foundation. The Gigzine launch event with The Bays has been supported by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council of England