Swing out Sister 22nd February 2010

Swing Out Sister’s jazzy pop and the rich soulful voice and chic look of singer Corinne Drewery defined a generation’s styling and was at the centre of sophisticated British pop in the second half of the Eighties. Based on the duo of Drewery and keyboard player Andy Connell, SOS have released 8 albums since their debut, It’s Better to Travel, that was No.1 in the UK album charts in 1987.

The band evolved in the North of England and initially there were some influences from the Northern soul scene. From Manchester, Connell was formerly a member of A Certain Ratio and Kalima, both North West-based groups that created a cult following in the 1980s.

Filmed by the Band on the Wall AV Unit on 22nd February 2010.

Distributed by Tubemogul.