Shake n Bake feat. Baked A La Ska 19th November 2011

The regular house band for Shake ‘n Bake are Baked A La Ska – the heavy heavy sound of Manchester ska: an 11-piece band of assembled oddballs and pranksters brought together by keyboardist and wizard, Mr John Ellis.
Baked A La Ska are fronted by an unholy trio of singers: Mr Frank “the Skank” (smooth Sinatra/punk vocals), Tommy Robot (cyborg sounds) and the deep tones of Country Ranks (MC). Their madness is combined with the soft lilt and harmonica magic of Robin Sunflower (vegan). Baked A La Ska also feature one of the tightest rhythm sections in Manchester with the “chops to make you drop”.

Filmed by Band on the Wall AV Unit
Clive Hunte: Pan and Tilt Cameras
Rose Freedman: Handheld