Gong 9th November 2012

Daevid Allen’s legendary progressive psychedelic rockers live at Band on the Wall.

Born from the revolutionary late sixties, GONG as a band never stays still. In 2012 rather than taking the obvious route of the popular “classic Gong” lineup, the band has radically changed with a fresh young band ready to think outside the box without losing touch with the gong vibe.

Inspired by the many revolutions brewing in the world right now, Gilli and Daevid, original founders of the band, are drawing on their revolutionary past to support the youth-driven world-wide peace movements sweeping the world. With the emergence of the Occupy Movement, Wiki Leaks and Anonymous, it is to be expected that Gong return to its origins to tour at a basic grass roots level, disabling the corporate theft of their music by engaging directly with a worldwide gong fan-base expanding steadily over 40 years.


Daevid Allen – Guitar & Vocals
Gilli Smyth – Spacewhisper
Orlando Allen – Drums
Fabio Golfetti – Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Brazil; guitar
Dave Sturt – Bass
Ian East – Winds

Filmed by Band on the Wall AV Unit on Fri 9th November 2012