‘The Singles Club: Mali Hayes’ 7″ Vinyl + Digital


Limited edition bundle on sale here.


The Singles Club: Mali Hayes

  1. Forgive You
  2. Come Closer

Release date: 17 July 2021. Limited edition bundle on sale here.


  • 7″ vinyl
  • Double-sided numbered poster
  • Includes download code inside
  • Limited copies available


Band on the Wall Recordings is excited to present the first release from The Singles Club; a two-track single celebrating the artistic practice and far-reaching talents of one of its favourite artists.

Emerging from Manchester’s jazz community, neo soul artist Mali Hayes steps in a new direction for The Singles Club. Calling on past sounds, she breathes new life into previous work, combining vibrant real-life stories with honesty and soul, resulting in a release that is refreshing, infectious and dynamic.

Opener ‘Forgive You’ is a climbing composition, which envelopes from delicately nuanced vocal melodies and washed-out synth sweeps, through blossoming harmony and big dynamics, to driving neo soul. A shift that is moving for the listener both in Mali’s impressive vocal journey and through the colourful backdrop of Medikul & Cult Architect’s lush production.

‘Come Closer’ further exhibits Mali’s vocal abilities, intertwining wistful jazz and wandering melodies into a beautiful arrangement that places the listener in intimate surroundings.

A. Forgive You (sample)


B. Come Closer (sample)


The Singles Club with Mali Hayes represents the first in a new series from Band on the Wall Recordings, with more singles from a spectrum of artists scheduled for release across 2021.


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